How to Design a Great Garden

Your garden should be a reflection of you. It should incorporate beauty with functionality and purpose.

Start by focusing on the purpose of your garden. Is it to brighten an otherwise dull corner of your yard? Is it to grow vegetables or beautiful flowers?

Once you’ve defined the purpose of your garden, you can begin to define the focus. Will your garden be curved or straight? Will be it be horizontal or vertical?

Which elements are you going to incorporate into your garden? Will you intersperse edible plants with flowers?

When planning out your great garden, will you focus on one color or type of plant, or will you incorporate a variety of plants in your garden?

By creating an extension of yourself, your garden can reflect your unique personality. You can arrange your garden so that it defines a pathway or corner of your yard and puts a focus on one single element or several elements.

Regardless of where you put your garden, you can create an oasis of beauty or lead away from something that isn’t attractive in your yard.

Your garden can take a person’s eyes on a unique personal journey. It can lead the viewer on a journey of beauty and intrigue.

Light and shade can change how your garden looks during any hour of the day without detracting from the main focus of your garden.

Colors can be natural and combine a variety or all one shade for a unique combination of color and texture.

Plants can be a mix of tall and short, leafy and floral or everything in between. This can lend an air of drama to your garden and help you to create the garden of your dreams. Be bold and let your garden stand out from the rest of the neighborhood.