Road Graders for Road Building

Road graders are heavy equipment used for road construction. They are mostly used to flatten surfaces in difficult terrains. This equipment usually has long blades to even out rough surfaces by scraping.

Road graders mostly have three axles with the third axle found in front of the heavy equipment and a cutting edge found at the center. Many models have dual blades in front. Road graders are also known as a blade, motor grader, or maintainer.

They are considered as finishing machines after the leveling is done by the heavy grade equipment such as bulldozers and scrapers. The grader is used for finishing, refining and leveling terrains. Motor graders are mostly used to chisel and produce inclined surfaces.

They are also used in chiseling and scraping drainage ditches by means of V-shaped low cross sections in both surfaces of the highway roads. This equipment is generally used for building and maintenance of gravel and dirt roads.

They can also be used for building paved roads as they can harness and prepare the foundation course which serves as a wide and flat surface in asphalt placement. The GPS will help the grader operator level particular level lengths of a road without having to calculate the quantity of ground to be graded.

A little road grader may be used for landscaping and for everyday maintenance of roads. The best thing about using this type of grader for such a function is that it provides additional flexibility in the transportation of equipment. However, you should not use a lighter grader if the terrain is rocky or hard.

Road graders are responsible for each and every single superhighway or off road in the US. It is mostly used in most states and countries for the construction and maintenance of roads and highways. Its main role is to grade the ground in preparation for paving highways.