How to Improve Your Yard by Building A Stone Wall

Do you want to give your yard a different look? Do you want to make it look fresh? Maybe it is time to consider installing a stone wall in your yard. Adding one would give your yard a different look and feel in an instant. However, before diving into the project, here are some tips you need to remember when planning your stone wall.

Location! Location! Location! The first thing that you need to decide when planning your first yard stone wall is where to install it. Do you want to install it in your backyard? Do you want to have it built around your garden? It is recommended that the location of your stone wall would serve two purposes and not just for aesthetic reasons. You can build a stone wall to border your garden or to serve as a patio wall. Either way, it is always economical and wise to build a stone wall that serves not just one, but two purposes.

Aesthetically Appealing Stones. Once you have decided on where to build your stone wall, it is now time to decide the kind of stones that you will need. For low walls, cast-concrete blocks would be appropriate. For taller walls, it is recommended to opt for cast-concrete retaining walls, which are more sturdy than the latter. You also have the option to use round field stones, stone pallets, or stone veneers. Depending on how you want your stone wall to look and how you want it, there are a lot of stone varieties that you can choose from. If at this point you still don’t know which type fits your stone wall plan, you can always talk to someone that specializes on stone walls. Or you can ask for suggestions from the place that you would be buying the stones from. Oftentimes, they would know which one is best for a specific project.

Mortared Joints. Stone walls that are mortared are sure to last for many years. The reason why is that the mortar makes the stone wall more sturdy and strong. This may be one of the best options you can do when planning your stone wall, to have it mortared. If you are not sure on how to do it, you can always read DIY tutorials on the web, or ask help from someone who has experience doing it.

Stone-Veneer Panels on Plain Walls. If you already have a wall standing in your yard, you might want to consider adding stone veneer panels on it. You can easily plaster the stones on the wall with the use of mortar. This will ensure that your stone panels will not fall off. Installing stone-veneer panels on your already existing wall will surely give your yard a different look without investing on heavy lifting.

There are so many ways that you can improve the look of your yard. You can also install a pond, or add a gazebo, or add a patio in your yard. No matter what kind of home improvement you do, it is a must that you do your planning and research first to make sure everything is done efficiently and the right way. Know what you want because this is what will guide you along the way.