DIY Garden Stone Edging

Do you want to give your garden a formal appearance? Do you want to have a flower bed that is of quality? If your answers to these questions were ‘yes’, then you should consider installing a stone edging. Having one installed will give your garden a natural finish. It also provides a natural barrier around your garden which helps keep mulch in place. Mowing will also be made easier with a stone edging as the flower beds are protected so the mow can go around the garden without worrying about destroying the flower beds. If you are ready to have one done, here are the steps:

Step #1: Plan. It is important that you plan before you start working on your stone edging. Use a rope to mark the place where the stones should be laid. After you have laid down the rope markers, step back and see the outline. Decide whether you are satisfied with how the product would look like when the edging is done.

Step #2: Chalk It. After laying down the rope borders, grab a chalk to mark the lines. Once this is done, you can remove the rope, or you can do so as soon as you finish one line. After chalking the entire area, measure the perimeter around the garden area. You will need this when you decide the size and kind of stone you will need for the project.

Step #3: Pick Your Stone.  The third step is choosing the right stone edging for your garden. Find a stone that best suits your style. Before you go to the shop, make sure that you have the measurement you took in the previous step. With the size of your preferred stone, you will be able to determine the number of stones you need for the project. When you have determined the number of stones needed, make sure to add a couple of pieces.

Step #4: Prepare Your Garden. The next step you need to take is to prepare your garden. This can be done by digging out a trench where the stone will be placed. The depth of this trench should be as deep as the stone edging and should be wide enough for the stone to fit. When digging out the trench, make sure that the bottom is as level as possible. This will give you a leveled stone edging when done.

Step #5: Gravel. Once the trench has been dug out, you can then pour gravel over it. An inch of gravel over the trench should be enough. This will help give your stone edging a solid foundation. Before you put in the stones, make sure that the layer of gravel is leveled.

Step #6: Placing the Stone. Piece by piece, place the stone edging on top of the gravel foundation. Because you have added one inch of gravel foundation, your stone edging should be one inch above the ground. This will give your garden bed the protection it needs and the natural barrier around it. When placing the stone edging, make sure that you do it one piece at a time. This will help make sure that the pieces are leveled. You can continue doing so until the edging is done. Make the first stone edging piece as your point of reference as you continue to build stone walls around your garden and flower beds.

With these easy steps, it should be possible to give your garden a more formal look. Building a stone edging around your flower beds will help increase the quality of your garden and increase its aesthetic value.