DIY: 6 Steps To Repair Your Stone Wall

Most of the time, masons don’t give time shaping a stone to replace one that is broken or damaged. Instead, they rely on coloring agents and patching compounds to remedy the situation. However, doing so will result in a patchy and mismatched stone wall. It is for this reason that some homeowners tend to lean […]

5 Different Types Of Home Stone Sidings

One of the many things that you can do to give your house a different look texture is by installing stone sidings. However, deciding what type of stone should be used to do achieve a specific effect and transformation to your home should not be taken lightly. This means that you have to familiarize yourself […]

Fireplace Cleaning Tips

In the previous article, you have read about the things you need to consider when constructing a fireplace in your own backyard. This article is a continuation of the last one. Here, you will learn how to properly maintain and clean your fireplace after you have used it. This is very applicable to all homeowners […]

5 Things To Consider For An Outdoor Fireplace

There is a rise in popularity for outdoor fireplaces in the last few years. It is a breathtaking addition to your home, and it will give your backyard a different look. It does not only increase your backyards aesthetic appeal but it is also functional. However, before you jump the gun and call your contractor […]

How to Improve Your Yard by Building A Stone Wall

Do you want to give your yard a different look? Do you want to make it look fresh? Maybe it is time to consider installing a stone wall in your yard. Adding one would give your yard a different look and feel in an instant. However, before diving into the project, here are some tips […]

Basic Stone Building: How to Make a Dry Stone Wall

Stone building is an art that has been used for so many years. Stone structures have proven to be very sturdy, lasting the test of time, and many homes today still build them. Although building one requires the expertise and skills of a professional, any homeowner can educate themselves on the basic techniques needed to […]

Some Excellent Tips Before You Employ A Mason

A mason is an experienced craftsman who works with brick, concrete and rock. These are essential for all sorts of new construction as well as repair works ranging from making a fireplace to setting up a wall surface or laying floor covering. Anywhere you will use brick, rock, or concrete, a mason can assist. They […]

A Guide to Laying Paving Stones

Preparing Your Site Your paving stones need a well-drained, level, firm base to help ensure stability and extend the lifetime of your patio. Therefore, it is essential that you properly prepare your site. Begin by removing all vegetation and topsoil. Dig down 200 to 250 mm across the entire area where the paving stones will […]

Importance Of Pool Resurfacing

There are many reasons why you should spend money on pool resurfacing. Swimming pool resurfacing can help you enjoy and maintain pool for long time. The returns of the resurfacing process are very satisfactory. Resurfacing will enhance the durability of the pool since the new surface is usually strong, preventing any form of damage to […]